Monday, February 27, 2012

RKC San Jose...Would You Have Quit?

Rachel came to me late last year for kettlebell training the "Hardstyle" way. Her goal was to prepare for the RKC workshop. Her training sessions went very well, along with her fantastic great attitude! Within a week or two of training with me, she registered for the RKC workshop in April 2012. I was so excited for her, and so was she. I knew she would be an excellent RKC instructor.
Each week she got better and better, but one day in January she shared some news with me. She was diagnosed with cancer and was told she had to have surgery in February. This surgery would require a minimum of 4 weeks of recovery, which meant NO kettlebell training the whole month of March! I said, "What? Oh have worked too hard." Rachel kept coming to her training sessions with me, and she was going press through it.
All I could think about was all the work, time, and money she had put in towards achieving her RKC goal. Something told me to check the Dragon Door website to see if there was an earlier workshop she could attend. The San Jose RKC workshop in February 2012 was still open! The workshop was a few days before her surgery, which was perfect! I called Rachel and recommended that she change her RKC workshop to February, and she went for it!
Rachel and husband flew to California a few days before the RKC and immediately got into a major car accident in which her head was hit pretty hard. When the doctors performed a CT scan, they found a treatable fungus infection in her sinuses. After that, she got food poisoning that lasted for 2 days--no details needed. Next she began the vigorous RKC workshop, and she had the NERVE...i mean the strength, to attempt the Iron Maiden Challenge. She didn't get it, but her attempt with the pull-up using the 24kg kettlebell was somewhat close considering she didn't really train for it. On the last day of the workshop, Rachel doubted that she should go on due to low strength, but her husband encouraged her to go and get what she had come for. Despite it all, Rachel successfully passed the RKC, had surgery 2 days later, and is recovering well.
Rachel, you are Amazing!
The Bible says, No weapon formed against you shall prosper. (Isaiah 54:17).
You GOT IT!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Master RKC Mark "Rif" Reifkind's DVD "Lats - The Super Muscle" is a MUST!

I knew a little bit before, but I really know now why the "Latisimus Dorsi" are "The Super Muscles". Master RKC Mark Reifkind reveals SUPERB information on his newly released dvd, "LATS: The Super Muscles." This dvd is PACKED FULL of drills and information that will help the "Newbie" to the "Know It All" SERIOUSLY! From the beginning, Mark has a great gift of captioning your attention while educating you about the Lats and how they are used in everything from Kettlebell Training, Swimming, Dead/Powerlifting..... to the most basic daily activities of life. The dvd will demonstrate to you safe and effective drills with the kettlebell on how to utilize and activate your lats for better performance for all activities.

Are you struggling with the "Press?" Do you have shoulder pain when you "Press?" Do you want to "Press" heavier or achieve that "Pull-up? No problem, the "Lats: The Super Muscles" dvd has got you covered! Mark teaches you smart and easy steps that will take your performance to the next level! The dvd includes excellent Lat activation drills that will help your technique and achieve that heavier press or pull-up without injury, plus a whole lot more! Go here and order your copy of "Lat: The Super Muscles" and start helping yourself and your clients reach a new level.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Queen of Swing, Tracy Reifkind's DVD, "Programming the Kettlebell Swing"

I have been a huge fan of Tracy ever since I found her blog in late 2008. I needed a different type of workout and I was so fortunate to have found my new program on her blog, "Tracy Reifkind's Living My Physical Potential". Her program is built around the Kettlebell Swing, but it's the "Tracy's Style Kettlebell Swing". Her style and workouts are highly effective for WEIGHT LOSS, increasing endurance, WEIGHT LOSS, quickness, WEIGHT LOSS, strength, WEIGHT LOSS and so much more.
FINALLY, Tracy has taken her blog to real life with her newly released dvd "Tracy Reifkind's Progamming the Kettlebell Swing". This video is EXCELLENT! She will quickly teach you how to take the Swing to another level! Tracy shares her personal 100+ pound weight loss success story utilizing the "Tracy's Style Kettlebell Swing". The "Progamming the Kettlebell Swing" gives outstanding step by step instruction on swing variations, swings for high reps, how to swing heavier, speed swings, sample workouts, "how to" drills, and so much more. She show you how to utilize her style for the beginner swinger to the advanced RKC instructor. Tracy's dvd provides so much variety that you will never get bored! Trust me, I've done her workouts and I have never been bored. Drenched in sweat and tired maybe, but not bored!
I highly recommend "Programming the Kettlebell Swing" to everyone! It will help you in so many ways you will not believe!! If you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced kettlebell user, this video is for you. If you are an RKC instructor, this DVD will FIRE UP your workouts and your kettlebell classes. I guarantee your clients will love it! Get your copy here http// today and learn to swing the "Tracy's Style" way.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tracy Reifkind's Swing Workouts = WEIGHTLOSS!!!

Let me tell how much I love Tracy Reifkind's swing workouts! I try her program for approximately 4 months, and let me tell you the pounds just GO!!! This is one of the best conditioning workouts I have ever used. I took a break from the program. I started back today and let me tell you, IT KICKED MY TAIL! I quickly remembered how challenging her workouts can be. My heart rate was through the roof! The cool thing about Tracy's swing style is the nice soulful, rhythmic flow that I experience doing it. I think that is what helps me get through the workout. I feel like I am dancing at various speeds, sometimes easy, sometimes hard, fast and/or aggressive. The "Roundabout" combinations and "Speed" swings are my favorite. If you don't know about Tracy Reifkind, RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) instructor, I highly suggest you find out about her 100 + POUNDS weightloss journey and her kettlebell training at If you enjoy cooking and awesome healthy recipes, visit her other site at Click the following link below to see one of my favorite workouts from Tracy! Give it a shout!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tomorrow is September! Can you believe it! It's time to get back to your workout! Let me help you by inviting you to the "FREE KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP" on September 9th @ Grist Mill Park at 6pm. Classes start for 4 weeks on September 14th every Monday and Thursday. The "Introduction Rate is $160" if you register by September 9th. Call or email me ( see contact info to the right side) to reserve your spot today for the "FREE KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP! Get ready to Swing!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

College Softball Player chooses Kettlebell Training During Off Season!

Elizabeth Crowe wanted to try something different during her off season from softball. This smart lady decided on kettlebell training!! Liz plays for Mary Washington University in Virginia. She will be returning to school in a week better than ever for the season. Liz committed herself to four weeks of training and did an outstanding job! We focused on her learning the basic kettlebell exercise drills and learning good technique. During her training, the Swing and Turkish Get-up was heavily emphasized. These two drills are essential and will definitely make her a powerful and better player. As the weeks went by, she turned into a serious swinging and snatching queen. On Liz's last kettlebell session, she successfully double snatched two 16kg (35.4pds) kettlebells!!! Great job Liz! Knock 'em out this season and KEEP SWINGING THE KETTLEBELL!!!